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Bowker auditorium and the Library were featured on the US Gypsum FaceBook site and even in a layout in a local magazine and this is what makes our work in the Public sector so exciting. Public sector has always been a very satisfying aspect of what we do. The public sector jobs are more challenging in almost every way and because of that as we succeed in this area, it becomes an area were we have built a solid reputation. Our work and our work ethic is viewed by all of our contractors as being top of the line. Understanding stringent regulations, navigating through paperwork and certifications and then contributing to the vital infrastructure of our nation makes this one of Pilgrim’s diamonds in the rough.






We’ve picked up more private work now that the economy is coming back. What we have found is that in the private work we get to express more of the aesthetic value of what we can contribute. Contractors naturally want their work to stand out as the very best and know full well that they are dealing with tighter budget. Our GC’s have come to rely on the fact that we can work fast, be creative and provide them a finished product that they can take great pride in – just as we do.